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Italian for Beginners CorkA few months ago a student and friend asked me where would be suitable to go on holidays in Italy for a family with small children. I told her that two years ago we did a house swap with an Italian family who have their holiday home in Pinarella, a small town located in Emilia Romagna. I wrote some posts about this great place which is just perfect for families with children and I’m going to top them up with some fresh updates.

The coast of Emilia Romagna offers long sandy beaches which are equipped with the

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Il nostro bagno. This was our ‘bagno’ for 2 weeks

so called ‘bagni’… which are not bathrooms in this case. In fact, the ‘bagno’ is a strip of beach where you will find a bar that, among other things, serves affordable lunch and dinner, a play ground, a trampoline for children, a tennis or volleyball court, rows of parasols and sun loungers up to the ‘bagnasciuga’ (foreshore) and of course bathrooms and hot and cold showers. These bagni are similar, but they offer different levels of entertainment for their guests, such as activities for children, sports and activities for adults and so on. This is not exactly what you have in mind when you think about a wild and

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Il ‘bagno’ con i suoi ombrelloni ed i giochi per i bambini

untouched beach, but these places are great when you have children. They find their friends there, they’re busy playing and they’re pretty safe, too… They’re happy… we’re happy! Prices depend on the period (August is hot season) and on how long you need your spot for. We cut a pretty good deal this year. We paid €100 for 2 weeks and we had our 2 sunloungers+ 1 parasol and a shed with our toys and inflatables. It is possible to find free beaches, too. If you get bored with the ‘vita da spiaggia’ (beach life), this part of Italy

Mirabilandia, una delle attrazioni sul Mare Adriatico
Mirabilandia, una delle attrazioni sul Mare Adriatico

offers so many great attractions, entertainments and fun stuff for everyone in the audience! A couple of years ago we went to Mirabilandia (check it out http://mirabilandia.it/en) this year we went to an amazing place (you gotta wait until next post to find out what) but there is much more all around Rimini and these places are easily reachable by car, train or bus.


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Dimenticavo!! In Emilia Romagna si mangia benissimo and prices are usually pretty good. Ecco alcuni piatti tipici

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