Pre-Intermediate Fluency Class

Best suited to students who have previously completed Continuation class, or an Intermediate class or are already fluent in another romance language,

We will have fun and we will consolidate our new learned grammar, especially the past tense. We will learn and use new vocabulary, useful expressions and Italian idioms to sound more Italians and to understand Italians more;-). 

At the start of each lesson we will do activities to revise the previous lesson. There will be no grammar but just reminders as we go. 

Homework will be optional and students will get individual homework corrections by email, so we won’t use precious class time.

We will be talking about a great deal of topics such as movies, food and coffee to become more fluent and confident in our Italian while having a lot of fun!

More info?

Email Carolina at or phone on 0879588375 if you have questions.