Off to Italy? Yes… Dove?

It is time to think about our holidays and many of my friends and students are asking me about Italian places and what I would recommend. Therefore, I have thought that some posts on this subject could be beneficial for all those interested in planning a holiday in Italy. You will read about my personal experiences and, thus these are what my advice and recommendations are based on. Last year, for example, I went to Emilia Romagna and you can read about my first hand experience right here Emilia Romagna.

As some friends and students are going to have a base in Nice for their holidays and hope to be able to see something in Italy… I will have the opportunity to introduce a beautiful region and some of its wonderful towns: Liguria. As you can see on the map, Nice is very close to Liguria. Some beautiful towns such as Bordighera, Ventimiglia and Sanremo are very close to Nice. They are located on the Riviera di Ponente, so called as it is the west coast of Liguria. Sanremo is also called ‘Citta’ dei fiori’ (town of flowers) and once a year, usually in February, it becomes a major attraction as it hosts the ‘Festival di Sanremo’ the most famous singing competition in Italy started in 1951.

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I would strongly recommend to visit two little medieval villages which are not too far from there. I went there many years ago and I still have beautiful memories of these places. The first one, Dolceacqua (which means sweet water) it is not too far from Bordighera and it features a beautiful medieval castle from one of the most important kingdoms in Liguria: the Doria. You will be fascinated by the castle, the history and the ancient and narrow lanes (carrugi) which run throughout the entire village. Dolceacqua is also famous for its vineyards and wine ‘Rossese di Dolceacqua’ appreciated by no less than Napoleon himself.

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Apricale is a beautiful medieval village inland. You have to leave your car outside the village as it is not possible to drive throughout the narrow lanes (carrugi). It is incredibly picturesque during the day, but at night time a magic atmosphere permeates the whole town. When you walk up and down through those quaint cobbled streets illuminated only by old lampposts you really have the impression of being back in time. You get to the little square at the heart of the village, happy to have some traditional food in the light of some candles. If you are lucky you will probably become a living part of some festivals. This ancient town hosts theatrical performances all around its magical corners, arches or old stables. Years ago I saw a wonderful performance of the tarots… I won’t ever forget it! I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures I found for you and let me know if you need any help to get there!


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