Off to Italy? La Perla del Mediterraneo

La Perla del Mediterraneo (The Mediterranean Pearl)

Italian in Cork

Have you ever heard of Portofino? It is a small village which never changed: with its tall, narrow and colourful houses rounding the bay, so that they can be seen from far away in the sea. 

Walking through its narrow lanes, the famous carrugi, the perfume of sea mixed with wild berries and flowers will transport you… and not only you. In fact, many are the painters who try to put on a canvas the mixture of this experience.Italian lessons Cork

So precious and somehow elusive, this enchanted village became a stop for many yachts and their owners who like spending time in Portofino, to go for their shopping or have beautiful meals.


Restaurants are from fairly expensive to extremely expensive… Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our ex Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has a villa there… as you can see from the picture it is not exactly a tall, narrow and colourful house, but it still can be seen from far away…Italian for children Cork

Italian Cork grinds

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