Obliterate, validate, timbrate, il biglietto, but DO IT!

Italian for children in CorkObliterate, validate, timbrate, il biglietto, but DO IT!
I don’t know if other countries have this rule, but in Italy it is compulsory to validate (obliterare, validare or timbrare are the Italian verbs) train tickets BEFORE GETTING ON A TRAIN. In fact, the majority of train tickets are ‘open tickets’ which last a month or more. Only by validating them, they become effective and they cannot be used again. Unfortunately, it is very easy to forget this rule while running to get on the right train, and, subsequently, get a €60 fine when checked by the train

Italian for beginners Cork
Il controllore sta dando la multa (fine) a due ragazze

conductor. On the other hand, train conductors are not to blame, they help when they can. One of them delayed the start of a train to allow us to validate our tickets, but he had to fine two poor girls 10 minutes after… paese che vai usanza che trovi (whichever country you go to, you will find different rules). Allora, validiamo il biglietto prima di salire!

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