News News News… By popular demand… we’ll have an Extra Beginners Course at the College of Commerce!

Italian in CorkNews News News… By popular demand… we’ll have an Extra Beginners Course at the College of Commerce! 

As I was saying in our previous post, the interest in Italian language and culture is getting more and more popular among the people in Cork… Therefore, those who have been left on the waiting list will be happy to hear that we’ll have a new Beginners course at the College of Commerce, starting on Wednesday the 2nd of April. Just in time to spend your Easter holidays in Italy or prepare for your summer holidays and be able to use your newly learned Italian greetings, place your orders or ask for information.Italian holidays

In fact, the course is based on the communicative approach which focuses on students and their needs. Students will be able to ask for information and to express their understanding from their first lesson and they will be encouraged to use their newly learned Italian with me and the other students all the time. With the continuous use of educational and interactive methodologies and tools, such as role playing in real life situations, presentations, songs and videos, students learn not only through aural and visual, but also through kinaesthetic experience. In this way, learning is not only more effective, but it is also much more enjoyable… nothing like the old fashioned frontal lesson focused on the teacher. All this is enabled by our classroom well equipped with computer, internet, projector, speakers and a well laid out classroom which ensures the purpose of our classes: to speak Italian! 

You will also finish the course with a good foundation of Italian grammar… please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know which topics will be covered. The course includes all the material (copies and audio) and students will only have to provide their own copy book for notes. I always recommend an indexed book so that you can build up your own Italian vocabulary, but don’t worry now… I will show it to you on our first day… Ci vediamo il 2 di aprile (see you on the 2nd of April)… Non vedo l’ora (I can’t wait), ciao, Carolina. 

To enrol in the Italian Beginners class follow this link


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