New Beginners class starting soon

Would you or someone you know enjoy learning our beautiful language?

Would you like to use this abundance of free time to learn a beautiful new language in a fun and relaxed environment? It’s a great way to keep your mind busy and enjoy learning in a small group of students who share the same interest in learning Italian. Since we switched to online classes students keep telling us that having our weekly Italian lessons to focus on is a great boost, and helps to keep productive in a fun and positive way


Beginning April 20th
Mondays from 6.30 – 8.30
Online classes (see below for details)
A 10 lesson course: €130

How do our online classes work

For our online classes, we are using a fabulous new video teaching tool (Zoom) that allows students to join and interact remotely. It even allows me to break the class into little breakout groups for conversation practice, allows me to go from group to group advising and assisting and then bring everyone back together just like in a regular class. The tool has a free app for whatever devices you prefer (phone, tablet, computer, laptop) that is simple to install and use (links and instructions provided). A few minutes before each lesson, you will receive a link for our class by email that will magically transport you to our virtual classroom (like teleportation in Star Trek).

What makes them great

I wasn’t sure how well it would work before I tried it but now I love it and having taught all my classes using it for a couple of weeks, my students really love it to. Some have even said they prefer it to regular classes. And not just because of the social distancing, there are a number of other advantages that I hadn’t thought about either:

  • All the notes I write in class o the whiteboard (notes, new words, grammar references) are automatically saved by the program. You can see them in the app when I write them but I also email them to you after class as a reference.
  • No more missing out on what I or other students say because your too far away from them. You just turn up the volume. The sound and video are fantastic quality
  • I can share all the documents, grammar pages, newspapers and reference material directly so they just pop up on screen for you. I can also make notes on them directly and of course email them all to you after class
  • Sit in your favourite chair, have a cup of tea (or vino) and relax during class. And wear whatever you want. We learn best when we are comfortable
  • We can watch movies and other videos, play games directly through the app. We don’t even need to switch off the light
  • The App is free, no login or signup process, no technical ability required

Happy to help.

Email or call 087-9588375 with any queries you might have