Liguria… In conclusion some ‘not to be missed’ cose

Liguria is a strip of land wherein the Apennines meet the sea, therefore men adapted their habitations and villages to this spectacular, but also rather inhospitable land. the results are its beautiful small villages crossed by webs of cobble stones with their peculiar houses.

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This could offer a great option to those who love hiking, trekking or simply walking and taking some rest, maybe getting a great coffee and reading a page of their book in the cool air of the Apennines overlooking the coast, the islands and the sea. As you read in our previous posts, many are the writers and the artists who found their inspiration right here near to Le Cinque Terre. Besides visiting Le Cinque Terre and Porto Venere, I would strongly recommend that you see some of these villages, such as Fiascherino, Tellaro and Monte Marcello. I had gone many years ago to Fiascherino and Tellaro, but Anna and Carlo really insisted that we should go to Monte Marcello, which is a Unesco World Heritage site. It has been a lovely trip and we’re happy to share some pictures with you…

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If you are one of my students and you’re interested in visiting these places, remember that my father and Anna would be really happy to take care of you and to show you around and give you a ‘Carolina’s student, special treatment’… which also includes a discount… Among the other things, my father is an exquisite cook and he’d love cooking with you and showing you some of his recipes… he’d tell you all his secrets in Italian while enjoying your dinner together! If you’re a beginner… do not worry, Anna can help you with the translation!


Here are some pictures from Montemarcello, La casa sul mare e dintorni…

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