La Costa dell’Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna, the coast

Italian Conversation CorkItalian tourists are used to saying that ‘I Romagnoli hanno saputo tirare fuori il meglio dalla loro terra’ (Romagna people were able to get the best out of their land. This is to say that la Romagna (the part of the coast of the Emilia Romagna) is not as beautiful as many other Italian regions and coasts, but they transformed this place into a wonderland for children and their families… Alice (8 years old) back to her holiday home in Lido Adriano (half an hour from Italian Conversation CorkRavenna) from two weeks of holidays in the south of Sardinia with its crystal clear sea and its unspoiled nature said ‘Finalmente, questo si che è mare!’ (Finally this is the sea!). Of course, in Sardinia she didn”t have the parchi giochi (play grounds), I gonfiabili (the park with the Inflatables), the fun swimming pools and, above all, all the friends that she meets here in Lido Adriano! Il versante adriatico (the Adriatic coast) has so much to offer for an unforgettable holiday for grandi e piccini!

Italian Conversation Cork

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