Upper Beginners Fluency Class

Consolidate & Practise & Have Fun

Suitable for those who have previously attended a Beginners class or those who’d like to refresh their Italian.

What is the best way to consolidate a newly learned language? What is the best way to become fluent and enjoy this language? 

To speak it, trust me!

But how can we speak the language if we don’t know where to start? 

Fluency classes’ purpose is to provide my students with a structured ‘language gym’ with language aids (vocabularies and sentence structures), my assistance and a relaxed environment to practise. These classes are always small sized to minimise ‘performance anxiety’ and maximise individual attention. As we learn a lot from our mistakes, they are welcome as great resources from which everyone can benefit. After each lesson students can go over the notes and all the resources we used. In fact, I will email everything after each lesson, including some optional homework for those who feel up to it. 

Students who do the homework (optional) can email it on to me. I will check it and email them back with corrections. In this way we won’t use our precious Fluency class time to check it, and those who decide to do it will benefit from their individual feedback. 

More info?

Email Carolina at carolina@italiancork.com or phone on 0879588375 if you have questions.