Italian Intermediate

“Parliamo Italiano” is the motto of this course, as we will alternate a grammar class (held in English) and a Fluency class held completely in Italian with different topics and some listening. Students will develop their language skills through discussion, exercises and role playing while new Italian idioms and expressions will help students to sound more Italian in conversation. Students will be using Italian scripts to ask when they don’t understand (cosa significa ________? Come si dice ________? Non ho capito, puoi ripetere per favore? Come si scrive ________?), therefore the flow won’t be interrupted… we want to think in Italian to be fluent!

Grammar wise we aim to tackle the following topics. Most topics will rotate and change for each Intermediate class:
-Grammar revision (Passato Prossimo)
-Oggetto Diretto

-Oggetto Indiretto
-Verbi riflessivi
-Tempo Progressivo (ING)


Suggested level

Students should be comfortable with the present tense and the past tense (passato prossimo). They should have a good understanding of grammatical topics, such as masculine and feminine, articles (il, lo, la, I, gli, ecc.), prepositions and prepositional articles (di, a, da, della, dalla, agli and so on) and adjectives (la macchina è grande, il gatto è nero).

Remember that every second lesson is held in Italian and students must be comfortable to understand spoken Italian and comfortable to use scripts such as ‘Cosa significa’ and ‘Come si dice’ when they need some help.

More info?

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