Italian for your Leaving Cert? Sì, bravissimi!

I received a few text messages this week from my Leaving Cert students… they all did very well and one of them passed it with H1: Complimenti Emma! 

It took me a long time to go through the Italian -> Irish credential translation process be registered as a teacher by the Irish Teaching Council, but it was especially important to have it this year.  Especially when the Leaving Cert was cancelled because of Covid 19 and because of my Teaching council registration I became a primary source of evaluation for the students I was preparing (and giving grinds) for the Leaving certificate under the current government marking scheme.

I achieved my masters degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Turin and, as I was a mature student, I really knew what I wanted: to be a teacher and to pass on to my students the joy of studying, learning and empowering their lives through it. I have been a teacher for more than 20 years, but for the last 11 of them, I have been teaching Italian in Cork. Italian for adult education (College of Commerce, Dante Alighieri and ItalianCork), Italian for children (primary schools and Piccolitalia) and Italian for Leaving Cert preparation. I have been constantly refining my methodologies, sharpening my tools and winning over my students’ motivation 😉

Giving our children the opportunity to learn one or more languages is a great advantage not only for future work opportunities and travel, but for their Leaving Cert. A couple of years ago, Jack, one of my Leaving Cert students, told me something remarkably interesting: ‘I am very lucky Carolina (he  was talking to me in Italian, obviously) because I know many languages. I am not as stressed out as my classmates and I don’t have to work as hard as they do’. In fact, he took French, Italian, Spanish and Irish for his Leaving Cert and and passed all of them brilliantly. 

When starting early enough, lessons can be spaced out without overburdening parents and students. In fact, they can learn and enjoy their Italian daily, effortlessly and in a fun way through games, and interactive tasks in the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, we can even have our lessons online as they work very well. Their Leaving Cert preparation starts from day one though without them even knowing it. Every single word, verb and idiomatic expression we learn is thought out to gain higher marks. And we get to the exam completely ready and unstressed! Just remember, the sooner the easier. 

If you are interested in your children taking up Italian, just get in touch ( or 0879588375) but remember that spaces are limited and that… the sooner, the better 😉