Italian Continuation (ItalianCork)

Topics explored during the previous course are extended and students are continuously encouraged to speak in Italian. New vocabulary and grammar are immediately implemented in new situations such as bargaining at the market, talking about family, weather, holidays and so on. Writing skills are also developed to consolidate students newly learned sentence structures.

Grammar wise we aim to tackle the following topics:

– Adjectives (primo e secondo tipo), possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, (il mio cane, la mia macchina, quel bambino, quella bambina, il bel vestito, etc.)

– La famiglia nouns and rules

– Interrogative words

– Verb piacere and few other irregular verbs

– Prepositional articles (dello, nella, sul, etc.). We will implement them in new conversational tasks such as role playing in real life situations and listening activities.

Suggested level

This course is advisable for those who already attended Italian Beginners and for those who are comfortable with the present tense (mangio, bevo, vado, regular verbs and some irregular ones), articles (il, lo, la, gli, etc.), prepositions (a Roma, in Italia, in bus, etc.), the time (che ore sono? Sono le 5), numbers and basic conversation (place an order at the restaurant, talk about themselves).

Night: Tuesday

Time: 6.00-8.00pm

Duration: 8 weeks

Location: Online

Course Fee: € 110

4 Payment options

Pay by Revolut (please include a note to specify which class you’re joining)

Revolut username to pay: @caroli31kd (in payments -> transfer)

Pay by cash (by post or drop in our letterbox if your local. Please specify which class you’re joining and your name)

Address to post or drop off to: 41 Ballinsheen Ct, Blackrock, Cork, T12HY59

Pay by bank transfer (please specify which class you’re joining and email once paid so your place will be held)

IBAN: GB39 REVO 0099 7034 5395 22 BIC: REVOGB21 Beneficiary: Carolina Costamagna

Pay by Card

More info?

Email Carolina at or phone on 0879588375 if you have questions.

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