Italian Continuation

Topics explored during the previous course are extended and students are continuously encouraged to speak in Italian. New vocabulary and grammar are immediately implemented in new situations such as bargaining at the market, talking about family, weather, holidays and so on. Writing skills are also developed to consolidate students newly learned sentence structures.

Grammar wise we aim to tackle the following topics:

Grammar wise we aim to tackle the following topics:

– Le preposizioni articolate (prepositional articles in English): dello, alla, sul, etc.

– Il partitivo (ho mangiato degli spinaci, vorrei qualche pomodoro maturo, compro alcune banane)

– Irregular verbs (verbs revision for those who already attended Continuation first module).

– Passato prossimo (sono andato in vacanza, ho mangiato la mela, ho visto Maria, sono arrivato a casa presto).

– I numeri da 100 a

Suggested level

This course is advisable for those who already attended Italian Beginners and for those who are comfortable with the present tense (mangio, bevo, vado, regular verbs and some irregular ones), articles (il, lo, la, gli, etc.), prepositions (a Roma, in Italia, in bus, etc.), the time (che ore sono? Sono le 5), numbers and basic conversation (place an order at the restaurant, talk about themselves).

More info?

Email Carolina at or phone on 0879588375 if you have questions.

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