Il ragù di papà… in 30 minuti!

Il ragù di papà… 30 minuti

Italian recipe
Papa’ il cuoco

You’d like to make a lovely ragù but you’re a bit discouraged as it usually takes between two and four hours? Here is something that you might like!

This is a recipe that I learned only a year ago after a phone call with my father who is a great cook.

Ingredienti per 4 persone

8 sausages or the equivalent of sausage stuffing

500 grams of pork mince meat

one onion or one leek

some fresh sage


chopped or sieved tomatoes (canned or jarred)

pinch of salt

Get a non stick pan (we usually use a ceramic one) and put in it a good slice of butter

Italian in Cork
Una bella fetta di burro ed alcune foglie di salvia

(as thick as your index finger). Add the sage and let them cook a few minutes. Add the onion or the leek finely chopped. When they become a nice golden colour you can add the stuffing of the sausages. Steer to break all the lumps (you can take out the sage if you wish, I usually leave it in) and let it cook. Once cooked (you can’t see any raw meat), you can add the mince meat and stir again to break up all the lumps. When you can’t see row meat any more you can add a can of

Italian Beginners
Aggiungete i porri

tomatoes. Stir until the mixture is well combined and let it cook with a lid on for about 5 minutes. If you think that it is too watery, you can let it cook down for a few minutes without the lid. The ragù is ready! Add it to your pasta and remember to save a bit of water of the pasta (you remember our previous post?). Allora BUON APPETITO and be ready the next one will be il PANE DORATO una ricetta della mia mamma… una ricetta dalla Sardegna.


Italian Conversation
Aggiungete il ripieno delle salsiccie


Italian in Cork
Aggiungete i pomodori in scatola


Italian cuisine
il sugo pronto


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