Gruppo Studio (Study Group)

I have been preparing students for their Italian Leaving Certificate for 11 years and it is very rewarding to see that all of them got very high marks and their ‘first choice’ course at college. 

Unfortunately or fortunately, the demand is higher than the time I have in my hands. This is one of the reasons why we started Gruppo Studio. It is usually impossible to even pair students for the Italian Leaving Cert preparation as they all have different levels. 

By starting preparing students when they are younger, we will get them all to the same level in a short time and they will be ready for their Italian Junior Cert and Leaving Cert while enjoying thier Italian and without needing grinds or risking falling behind in a big class. That way they can focus on other subjects knowing their Italian is prepared well in advance.

The other reason is to ensure the company of peers so that they can feel the support not only from the teacher, but also from the group. It will be very handy to be able to practise conversation skills with other students and not only with my old self!

Therefore, we are finally ready with our programme, timetable and the book we will be using for this exciting new class.

Gruppo Studio will be held on Fridays from 4.30-5.30 pm

This class is aimed at children, tweens and teenagers (10-15 years of age) who speak Italian (it doesn’t need to be perfect or accurate), read in Italian (they don’t need to be fast readers) and, very important, understand Italian (they need to be able to ask for help in Italian: non ho capito, cosa significa). It is not a large class, but more like Private Tuition designed to learn grammar, how to write in Italian and practice reading. You don’t want your children to struggle with their Italian Junior Certificate and you’d like them to be ready for their Italian Leaving Certificate well in advance, so that they can focus on other subjects. 

Your children will be invited to their first lesson (please get in touch with me, 087 9588375). If we are happy with their work and they want to continue with classes, then you can enrol them for the course.