Give the gift of Italian this Christmas

Have you been thinking about a great present for Christmas?

Would you like to gift your loved ones with an Italian language experience to get them fully ready to enjoy Italy, surrounded by culture, art and history? Because Italian is…

If so, it’s not too late, but hurry! Our course will start on the 14th of January and, as it is very interactive, practical and conversational based, we won’t be able to host more than 10 students.

To secure your place you can enrol online

Italian Beginners Cork

Fancy learning Italian? Whether you are going to Italy for your holidays or you have decided to learn this beautiful, musical and colourful language, let’s start with our Beginners course. Practical conversation is included from our first class and, during our lessons, we will learn how to introduce ourselves, place an order at the restaurant, ask for information and more. Grammar is immediately implemented in practical and useful conversational tasks, but it will also give you good foundations if you decide to progress with your Italian and join the next course. Booking your place is essential, but remember that this course is for a small group in order to allow students to fully participate and get the best learning experience. Therefore, I would recommend that you book as soon as possible by email ( or by text (087 9588375)

Course details

Starting date: Monday 14th of January

Last lesson: 8th of April

Time: 6.30-8.00 pm

Number of lessons: 12

Max number of students: 10

Location: Blackrock (parking available), 202, 215, 219 bus route

Price: €120

There won’t be a lesson on Monday the 18th of February as it is Mid Term Break.

NB: Students who miss class will receive an email with the course material, summary of what was covered and audio files/video (if used during lesson) so that they won’t fall behind.

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