We have so much to do at the College of Commerce right now… In fact, we just started our Beginner classes.

This is so exciting! We are discovering another language, which means another way to express ourselves, understand others and perceive the surrounding world in a different way; a Mandarin proverb saysTo learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world’. As I am a ‘language learner’ myself, I couldn’t agree more (I had studied French and lived in Paris for a year and I started studying English 9 years ago and I think I will keep doing it forever!).

This why I love teaching Italian and especially beginner. It is an honour for me to be entrusted with the responsibility to help them understand our fundamental rules of grammar, pronounce our peculiar sounds, tune their ears in to the Italian rhythm and not bore them to death! This is quite a challenging task, but I am lucky as the Italian language provides me with many props which would keep anyone tuned in to the Italian language. In fact, pronunciation and grammar rules are much more digestible when they are accompanied by stunning photographs, famous Italian songs or role playing based on Italian real life situation. I believe this is also the best way to help students build meaningful learning which is not based on merely memorizing rules and words, but on constantly linking their knowledge to meaningful and possibly pleasant experiences.

I hope my new students are enjoying their learning and I hope they will let me know if they have any suggestions to improve our lessons!

Grazie a tutti e FORZA BEGINNERS!


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