Fluency Classes? Caffè italiano!

Italian Beginners Cork

Italian Beginners CorkDuring our Fluency classes we talk a lot, ONLY in Italian, of course. We talk about Italian regions, Italian food, Italian dialects, Italian traditions, Italian holidays, Italian good and bad habits, Italian gestures and many more topics. Right now we are talking about ‘Caffè italiano’ and, believe it or not, there is so much to say.


First of all, I have a question for you. Please, take a look at these 2 pictures and tell me which one is the caffè.

Italian Beginners Cork

Italian Beginners Cork







Solution: the caffè is the one in the tazzina (small cup).

The other one is a café (French word for bar).

In fact, in Italy we go to a bar to have our colazione (breakfast) or pranzo (lunch). Many bars in Italy close at 7pm, so they are not to be confused with pubs. We do have some bars or ‘birrerie’ that are open, but many bars are opened only during the day.

Now that we know what Italians mean by ‘caffè’… let’s see how many kinds of caffè they have. I’m telling you, they are so many that it will take us hours to talk about them… for now, let’s take a look at some pictures: do you know all the names of these caffè? Next week, after our lesson, you’ll know all about them!

Italian Conversation Cork

Italian Beginners Cork


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