Parchi giochi, parchi giochi… attenti a sciegliere quello giusto! Playgrounds, playgrounds, be careful to pick the right one! 

If you see a lovely playground where all the amenities are made out of wood and there are no swings… hum, check for a sign at the threshold or just outside the gate, you probably picked the one for dogs! It happened to my husband who took Kevin to ‘Fido Lindo’ (Fidolink was a famous Italian dog , therefore many companies which produce goods for dogs use this name, and ‘lindo’ means ‘really clean’). 

In fact, la riviera Romagnola (Romagna’s coast) offers great spaces for our ‘amici a quattro zampe’ (literally ‘friends with four paws’, but you translate ‘four legged friends’). I had never seen playgrounds for dogs anywhere else but here, in Cervia, I saw a good few of them. I took some pictures for you, in case you are wondering what they look like. 

Dogs are also welcomed in many hotels, B&s, restaurants, beaches and wherever you see the little sign on the door ‘qui sono benvenuto’ (here I am welcome) or ‘qui posso entrare’ (here I can come in). It also struck me that I have never come across dog waste ‘abandoned’ since we arrived: dog waste is collected by the dogs’ owners all the time! 

Romagna mia, Romagna in fiore, tu sei la stella, tu sei l’amore… My Romagna, blooming Romagna, you are the star, you are the love… for families and their four legged friends…

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