Romagna mia, Romagna in fiore, tu sei la stella, tu sei l’amore… My Romagna, blooming Romagna, you are the star, you are the love… these are the famous words of ‘Romagna mia’ sung by many, but written by Roul Casadei in 1954. If you want to enjoy it, just follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sia7PIma-M 

Once upon a time there was the Romagna region or proven, but in 1970 it merged with the region of Emilia giving birth to the latter Emilia-Romagna, Ferrari’s land, but also Sangiovese’s land and many other Italian specialities. Emilia Romagna is a wonderful Italian region located in the North-East of Italy (take a look on the map to have a better idea of its location). 


Having spent a bit of time in Romagna in the past and being right in Cervia at the moment I can give you an insight into what is going on here during the summer. I will not presume to give you detailed information or scientific descriptions, but first hand impression from an Irish-Italian family who are spending their holidays right here. 

I can definitely tell you that you can find great food here and the most welcoming and friendly people who are always ready to throw a party. It is no surprise that the most famous night clubs in Italy are here in Rimini e Riccione. Be careful, though: if you are looking for night clubs you should ask for ‘le discoteche’ (discoteca means night club). Do not ever ask for a night club, unless you are looking for  strip clubs or lap dancing clubs… this is, in fact, the meaning of night club in Italian. 

It is not for clubbing that we are here this year, but because Emilia Romagna offers so much for families with children. In fact, at summer time ‘la costiera Romagnola’ (Romagna’s coast) offers the most equipped sandy beaches with life guards, sun umbrellas, sun loungers, bars, hot showers, bathrooms, playgrounds, bicycle paths to get there, racks to lock the bikes to, sport activities for all ages, table tennis, volleyball, football, beach tennis and many other services. The sea is very safe as the water is very shallow (between 1/2 and 1 meter) for kilometres. A paradise for children who can play with their new friends and jump in and out of the water without being scared. 

Thats all for now. I will keep you updated.

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