Discovering Torino


I was born in Torino, but this is not an enough good reason to be in love with a town and to recommend all my students, friends and family to visit it. Many of them, my husband included, look at me in a funny way as they think of Torino as a big, industrial and chaotic city with a lot of traffic… I can’t deny that this is an aspect of this town but this is only one of many.

Italian grinds CorkAbout this cliché, you can see this image of Torino which the Parliamo Italiano book displays. This is one of the books I use during my lessons… many times I thought of throwing it away, only because of this picture. Besides this, though, it is a pretty good book.

In spite of this image, Torino is one of the most beautiful Italian cities with its art, culture and parks. So much so this year the New York times selected Torino among their 52 travel destinations for 2016… I’m getting taller as I’m writing it, much taller! Finally, my non Italian friends, my students and hopefully my husband we’ll start to believe me and consider a trip to Turin. Click here to see the article on the New York times. More facts about Torino are coming soon… stay tuned!Italian lessons in Cork

Turin has earned a place in the New York Times’ list of must-see destinations, thanks to its successful transformation from Italy’s former industrial capital into a tourist destination.