Discoteche, sale da ballo e balere

I have already told you that the Emilia Romagna is famous for its night life especially along the coast. The most famous ‘discoteche’ are here and they are open all night and even into the morning. Remember do not ask for ‘night clubs’, unless you are looking for a strip club (look at my previous post www.italiancork.com/emilia-romagna).

I haven’t told you anything about ‘le sale da ballo’ or about ‘le balere’, yet. They are ballrooms which are often mobile structures (from here the name balera it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balera) or places where people go dancing to several kinds of music such as ‘il liscio’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sia7PIma-M), ‘il walzer’, ‘il tango’ and many more. These types of music must be danced in pairs and require a certain degree of ability.

I had never seen or heard of any of them in Turin, but ‘le balere’ or ‘le sale da ballo’ are very popular along the Romagna coast where you can see dancing nights advertised pretty much everywhere. Therefore, if you are a good dancer or you are willing to learn a new dance with your partner or a new one… here is your place!

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