Ciao from Piccolitalia

We are having a great time here in Piccolitalia and, above all, we are having an Italian time. With our Gruppo Scuola we are having fun, learning and enjoying Italian grammar fundamentals such as feminine and masculine , articles and verbs. With our Gioca e Impara group (Play and Learn) we are having fun with weather, seasons, and the days of the week… we always learn so much through songs, fun activities and games with both groups as this is the best way to learn! With both groups we really loved celebrating Natale, talking about our Italian customs, traditions and folklore… The favoured topics this year were la Befana, la Tombola di Natale (bingo) and, obviously, the Pandoro (our Italian Christmas cake). Take a look at the pictures… you can see it for yourselves!

We are ready to restart again next week (Saturday 27 January) and we cannot wait to celebrate Carnevale! If you are interested in your children to join us… hurry, as we have only 2 places left!

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