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  • Fluency Classes? Caffè italiano!

    Fluency Classes? Caffè italiano!

    During our Fluency classes we talk a lot, ONLY in Italian, of course. We talk about Italian regions, Italian food, Italian dialects, Italian traditions, Italian holidays, Italian good and bad habits, Italian gestures and many more topics. Right now we are talking about ‘Caffè italiano’ and, believe it or not, there is so much to […]

  • How to Turbocharge our Memory (part 1)

    How can we make our working memory more effective and how can we pass an item from working memory to long term memory? Our first step is to make our memories more memorable, but how? In the first place, we should know that we have super sized visual and spacial memory abilities and that they […]

  • What About Our Listening?

    As many of you know I’m constantly thinking about how to help with your learning, improving and perfecting your Italian. As I started to learn English 10 years ago, I know what learning a language as an adult means… it is a great challenge, sometimes very frustrating, but a great journey, indeed. The skill we […]

  • Ricetta per La Pasta Fatta in Casa (senza glutine).

    RICETTA PER LA PASTA (SENZA GLUTINE) FATTA IN CASA INGREDIENTI 200 grams gluten free flour (Odlums Tritamyl self raising flour, highly recommended) 2 eggs pinch of salt 2 teaspoons Xantham gum water Add the dry ingredients to a mixer/blender. Add enough water until it is able to blend into a smooth wet paste with no […]

  • How to STORE OUR VOCAB… and How to LEARN IT (part 2)

    HOW TO STORE OUR VOCAB… AND HOW TO LEARN IT! We attend our Italian class and we learn (or we think we have learnt) a great deal of new vocab and use of prepositions… the week after, when we want to say that word or we want to say that sentence again… but which is […]

  • How to Turbocharge Our Language Learning (part 1)

    Do you want to learn Italian effectively and enjoy it? Bene, I’ve been thinking about something that may help my students and I decided to put together a series of tips. First of all, I should tell you I’ve learned French (I studied and worked in Paris for a year) and English (in addition to […]