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  • Casa dolce casa (home sweet home)

    You might wonder why we have so many palaces, parks and luxurious residences in Torino… You probably remember that the Savoia family had ruled the Regno Sardo Piemontese from 1720 to 1861 when Vittorio Emanuele II (king of the Regno Sardo Piemontese) became king of Italy. Torino was bound to become the first capital of […]

  • Andiamo al mercato!

    Andiamo al mercato!

      It’s with great pleasure that I saw open-air markets taking off here in Cork as I used to go for my shopping to different markets in Turin. In fact, we have 42 open-air markets and 6 covered ones… and if you like antiques, a good bargain or just looking at old stuff… we have […]

  • Grande Torino

    Grande Torino

    La Basilica di Superga has a special place in my heart. From here we can appreciate a beautiful view and enjoy this majestic church built between 1717 and 1731, under Vittorio Amedeo II Duke of the Savoia family and designed by Juvarra, one of the most famous Italian architects. During the Spanish war of secession […]

  • Torino by church

    Torino by church
  • Novità tra i musei di Torino… we go to Torino and beneath…

    Novità tra i musei di Torino… we go to Torino and beneath…

    And now, let’s stay in the city centre, here we can really breath, feel and see the history, the art and the culture of this town… even if we don’t know exactly when, how and what happened… we will be able to enjoy that feeling… believe me. If you love museums… you’ll be spoilt for […]

  • Andiamo a prendere qualcosa da bere!

    Not too far from the Mole Antonelliana, we have an important ‘visit’ to pay to one of the most ancient cafés in Torino: Fiorio opened in 1780. It was also called caffè dei codini or “cafè ‘dle coe” (in Piemontese dialect) as many intellectuals, aristocrats and political characters/personages used to meet up or find their […]

  • La Prima Destinazione

    La Prima Destinazione

    I’m neither an expert on Torino nor a travel agent, but it is my town and I love it, so if we were to go to Turin for a week (hopefully soon), I would like to take you to see so many beautiful places… First of all, we’d stay in a lovely place near the […]

  • Discovering Torino

    Discovering Torino

    I was born in Torino, but this is not an enough good reason to be in love with a town and to recommend all my students, friends and family to visit it. Many of them, my husband included, look at me in a funny way as they think of Torino as a big, industrial and […]