Arrivano i Corsi di Fluenza!

Italian Conversation classes Cork

Arrivano i Corsi di Fluenza!!

Don’t let your Italian get rusty this summer, but get more fluent while having fun!


Would you like to get ready for your Italian hols, be able to place your order at the restaurant, bargain at the market and asking for information with confidence? Non c’è problema!essere-4-gatti

Is your Italian more advanced and you’d like to be able to express yourself in a more refined way, learn more vocab, expressions and idioms in order to understand and be understood better when chatting with your Italian friends? Non c’è problema!

Italian Classes CorkAre you fluent or almost? Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to read a real Italian book while listening to it or watch an Italian movie and discuss the underling messages, the philosophical nuances or the use of that particular jargon right there in a small group? Non c’è problema!

Fluency classes take places in small groups to ensure that all students are fully involved in the activities, we have timely but non pedantic feedback fundamental to ensure our improvement and we love having fun in Italian… perchè questo, signori e signore, it is the best way to learn! To know more, please check our posts

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