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Italian Beginners Cork


Italian Beginners Cork It’s with great pleasure that I saw open-air markets taking off here in Cork as I used to go for my shopping to different markets in Turin. In fact, we have 42 open-air markets and 6 covered ones… and if you like antiques, a good bargain or just looking at old stuff… we have il Balon every other Sunday.

South of Italy against North of Italy

Ok, let’s go for some shopping now… fancy some fresh, earthy and yummy food: andiamo a Porta Palazzo Europe’s largest open-air market. Porta Palazzo is open 6 days a week and it is located in one of the oldest part of the city. It is an amazing feeling to go there for some shopping and find yourself among Roman’s vestige: this the Porta Palatina which (Wikipedia says) is the Roman Age city gate. The gate provided access through the city walls of Julia Augusta Taurinorum (former name of Torino). La Porta Palatina represents the primary archaeological evidence of the city’s Roman phase, and is one of the best preserved 1st-century BC Roman gateways in the world. It’s always good unire l’utile al dilettevole (to get to do what is useful with what is amusing). 

Italian in Cork for children



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