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Italian for children

Il cuoco del ristorante

We’re having lots of fun with our newly introduced Workshops (laboratori)! Once in Italy, our little students will be able to take their parents to the market, the restaurant and they’ll also be very good at renovating their wardrobe by shopping some fine clothes in some expensive Armani or Prada shops in Italy! Beati loro!

Learn Italian in Cork

Clienti esigenti e cameriere professionista

At the start of each lesson they are so eager to learn new vocab, interchangeable chunks of sentences and formal register because they can’t wait to use them during their role playing… and they are very very good! Those who already speak Italian are learning the formal register and how to make formal and polite requests in situations outside of their family home, while the other students are learning a great deal of Italian.

Italian food

Mamma mia che piatti!


Fun is imperative… we know very well that we learn more when we’re happy and in a relaxed environment. We know that cognition and emotion affect each other in the oldest part of our brain (Amigdala). This part of our brain reacts to fear and happiness and this reaction strongly affects our ability to learn and memorize. On top of that, we shouldn’t forget the role that serotonin plays in learning among other important fields, such as social abilities. Therefore, we want to keep our Amigdala happy and learn as much as we can during our lessons here in Piccolitalia!!


Italian Cork for children

Come si dice I would like …

Learn Italian in Cork

E’ pronto?

Italian restaurant

E’ pronto cuoco?

Italian restaurant for children

La cameriera velocissima!

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